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Responsive Website Design

Creative Functionality

Making a website work for your business is paramount, but making it look sharp is our joy. What does that do for you? Website visitors will enjoy a positive user experience and are more likely to stay on the site longer, utilize your services, and share your website with others.

Responsive Fluid Designs

Today’s Internet is viewed on a myriad of devices, from huge monitors, widescreen TVs, various tablets and small smartphones. You can spend money to create two to three sites and apps to cover the bases, or you can opt for a single responsive website design that adjusts for all screen sizes. This is an elegant solution that not only saves you money, but displays your creativity and sensitivity to customer needs.

Browser Icons

Also consider, today’s Internet is viewed from various browsers such as, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera. Your site, especially if you incorporate video, must be designed to work with each of these Browsers, and adjusted for new versions as they come out. Another consideration is E-readers and handicap accessibility tools. In order for these devices to “read” your website, your site must be coded in a manner friendly for artificial intelligence. Being AI friendly not only helps such devices, but also helps Google’s indexing programs position your site for better ranking.

For Businesses

At ComNaD, we will help you:

  • Find the right domain for your business
  • Create a logo for your websites and social media (or integrate your existing logo)
  • Design and create a custom website to be attractive, functional and readable on all screen sizes.
    • Design your site with Search Engine Optimization in mind
    • Designed to be accessable on all eReaders
    • Mobile Optimized to Google Approved Specs
  • Create social media pages for your business
  • Create and launch an Internet Marketing Campaign with AdWords
  • Create and run a snappy social media presence and campaign
  • Manage Google tools to help you rank higher and reach your targeting marketplace

For Personal:

Tired of being bound by Facebook rules? Want to display your photos, videos, thoughts, ideas, ideals, dreams, whimsy and whatever as you see fit? Want to express yourself on the Internet? ComNaD can help. Depending on your budget, we will work with you to find an affordable custom design.

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