Social Media Marketing for Shreveport Louisiana

Social Media Marketing

Reach Out to a World of Customers

Social Media is a great way to market your business services and products, and great way to drive traffic to your website. Plus, it can help you with Google as well, especially a Google My Business account (Google likes when businesses use Google products).

We will:

  • Build social media accounts for your business on:
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Google My Business
    • Twitter
  • Launch and maintain a Social Media Growth Campaign to help more people Like, Share, and Connect to your business accounts.
  • Monitor visitor engagement and reviews to insure your reputation is protected.

We are also able to provide Video Production to liven up those posts and draw more eyes and ears to your message?

Lastly, if you are not in the position to pay for a Social Media Campaign, but feel one would benefit your business. We will have a Social Media Expert come train you or a member of your staff, so you can run your campaign in-house.

ComNaD partners with the Social Media Lady for Social Media Marketing, Video Production and Training.

Get Started with Social Media

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