Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website DesignsMobile Website Designs

Mobile Optimization

Recent studies show that over 50% of people surfing the web do so with mobile devices. At ComNaD, we build responsive websites that flex to fit all screen sizes; however, many clients also prefer a mobile app feel to their site. Having large menu buttons that slide a page into view are familar to mobile phone users. Having text formatted and presented in an easily read and familiar style provides smart phone users with a comforting feeling, and positive user experience.

Mobile Website DesignsMobile Website Designs

We will work with you to customize the color scheme, logo and navigation of your mobile site, to make it attractive and functional. Our goal is that your customers have an informative, pleasant user experience to help you generate business and gain repeat visitors.

As with all our designs, we not only want you, as the client, to be happy and satisfied with the service we provide, we want to earn your referral. We can only do that by going the extra mile to do the best possible job. Contact us today to get started on your designs.

NOTE: In 2015 Google announced it is now penalizing website rankings for any website that is not mobile optimized. This is to force website owners to optimize their site and provide viewers with a readable format for mobile devices. Don't lose search engine rank due to an outdated website design.