Google Analytics
Google Analytics Reports on Website Activity


Google Analytics and Tracking

Once your website is built, ComNaD will submit your site to Google and add Google Analytics tracking code to each page. It is important to track the performance of your website, especially if you run ads, banners or other marketing tags.

Google Analytics is able to tell you how many visitors reached your site in a given month, and how many were new visitors. It is also able to report on dozens of other metrics such as the city the visitor was in when they found your site, what keywords they may have used to find your site, and the type of browser they used (and if they were on a mobile device).

Analytics can help you determine how your site is performing, and if you should take measures to improve the performance, and in what manner.

Lastly, having your site embedded with Google analytics code allows the professionals at Google to offer advice to help improve your site.

ComNaD is able to generate reports for your company based on these Analytics, and will help you decipher and utilize the data for your advantage.

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