Cloud by ComNaD Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange Email

Microsoft Exchange is a business class email service that allows users to instantly sync their email, calendar and contacts on all their devices. ComNaD's Hosted Exchange is an MS Exchange server hosted in the Cloud, which saves your company the expense of buying, configuring and maintaining expensive server hardware and software. Also, due to our redundant servers located on both coasts, our Hosted Exchange in the Cloud allows your company to enjoy 99.9% availability, and faster service.

How Does Shared Calendar Work?

Add an appointment on your Calendar in Outlook on the PC in your office, and it instantly syncs to the calendar on your phone and/or tablet.

Share your Calendar to allow other team members and assistants to view, or even add Appointments and meetings.

Utilize Hosted Exchange for Your Business

To have Hosted Exchange setup for your business, or to migrate your existing email service to Hosted Exchange, click here to contact ComNaD today!