Cloud by ComNaD Hosted Exchange

Cloud Storage and Share Folders

ComNaD's Cloud Storage is more than just a safe and reliable file server accessible from anyplace with Internet access, it is:

  • A way for collaborative teams in different locations to read and/or edit files located with Share Folders
  • A secure, encrypted way to deliver files (such as document, spreadsheet, image and pdf files) to authorized employees and/or business units.
  • An online backup and archiving solution for all your important files (including, should you choose, your My Documents and Desktop folders).

What Do Share Folders Do?

A Finance Manager has spreadsheets he needs to access in his office, via his phone and from his home computer, but no one else in the company is allowed to access these files. So he saves them in a Cloud Storage Folder.

He has other spreadsheets that he wants his company's financial analysts to access, but no one else. So he saves these in a Shared Folder and grants access to the finance team. Every time a change is made to a file, the Shared Folder notes who made the change, and automatically archives the previous file so no information is ever lost.

Lastly, he has files everyone in the company needs to access, so he creates a Public Share Folder and grants access to all employees.

All files are accessible via encrypted connections to the Cloud, and backed up in real-time.

Utilize Hosted Exchange for Your Business

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