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Are Website Templates Dangerous?

We have already visited several reasons for choosing a professionally, custom-designed website over a generic website created using templates. Uniqueness and optimization for eReaders and Google spiders being primary reasons.

Now, let's consider another reason: VIRUSES!

That's right. Many free templates and themes come with a little something extra. Most frequently, this is in the form of malware using iframe HTML code. Once injected, this virus can modify and create files and infect anyone accessing your website. Not only will this upset customers who have visited your site, but Google regularly blacklists sites that are infected by warning users to stay away from that site. While your website is legitimate, the injected code is not. It is difficult to clean up your website code, remove the warnings and, most importantly, redeem your reputation.

Avoid all of these headaches by choosing a custom web designer who will not only provide that originality and professionalism you are looking for, but will also keep your business safe by not using these infected templates and themes that cause so much frustration.

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