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ComNaD is a One-Stop Shop

ComNaD recently got a call from a potential client who found us on Google. They were starting a new office in Shreveport, soon to be opening offices in Ruston and Natchitoches, and needed a computer network, email addresses, productivity software, and virus protection. Additionally, they needed a functional website that was mobile optimized, a logo for their website, letterhead, and business cards, and they were interested in marketing their business via social media. We were able to provide them all of the above and get their business setup and running within a few weeks.

Traditionally, to be functional and secure, an office computer network required a client/server network. This consists of server hardware running Microsoft Windows Server, or Linux, and desktop computers connected via a device that connects them all together, called a network switch. But, as of this writing, it is now 2016 and the Cloud is here. Cloud by ComNaD provided them with a secure, encrypted Cloud Storage which provides File Server access to all their devices. Each Cloud Storage account is secured by a username and password, and individual folders within each account may be shared with select team members, other business units or all office personnel. For a small to mid-size office, this eliminates the need for a Windows Server.

We also provided our new client with Hosted Exchange services via the Cloud, giving them professional email, calendar and contacts which can be shared among collaborative business units and team members. They required the email to have the option for encryption to be HIPAA compliant, which we also set up for them.

While getting their office hardware set up, ComNaD created their company logo and crafted a custom, mobile-optimized website for their company which looks great and functions well on all screen sizes, from large monitors to small phone screens.

Computer Networks and Design, LLC (ComNaD) is a one-stop shop for offices throughout Northwest Louisiana.

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