Cloud by ComNaD Hosted Exchange

Cloud Backup and Archiving

Secure, safe, redundant backups are crucial for any company. Computer systems fail, viruses strike, disasters happen, and employees make mistakes, sometimes intentionally.

A secure online backup is the solution to get your data back in the event of data loss, no matter what the reason. It will also protect your company from Ransomware viruses that lock data and demand cash payments to release the data. Instead of paying an online extortionist, you simply restore the data from your backups (after the virus has been removed).

Cloud by ComNaD offers an elegant Cloud Backup solution that will backup and archive your emails, documents, spreadsheets, images, presentations, etc. The backup is done via the Cloud, so there is no hardware to buy, no tapes to maintain and no routine actions to take. It’s all done automatically behind the scenes.

Cloud Backup and Cloud Archiving solutions are insurance for your data. Like any insurance, you don’t appreciate it until you need it, but once you need it, you are so grateful you have it.

A dependable disaster recovery plan is one thing your company can not afford to do without.

Utilize Hosted Exchange for Your Business

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